Connie Maxwell Children's Home

Closed For the 2019 Season

810 Maxwell Ave, Greenwood, SC

Dec. 5 - Dec. 31
Sun. - Sat. 6:00pm -10:00pm

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Or Visit us at www.conniemaxwell.com

Begin your holiday season with a visit to Connie Maxwell Children's Home in Greenwood, SC! Each year our campus is beautifully decorated with the lights and images of Christmas.

During Connie Maxwell Christmas you will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful lights on a horse-drawn wagon ride through the heart of campus. Gather with your family and friends by one of our bonfires, and enjoy a complimentary cup of fresh, hot chocolate.

Bring a little extra spending money so you can purchase baked goodies and other items that support mission trips for our children!

Finally, you can enjoy one of our special musical performances in Connie Maxwell Baptist Church each evening at 6:30 pm.

Don't miss out and start making your Christmas memories begin with Connie Maxwell Christmas! This event takes place each evening from 6-8:30 pm December 5, 6 and 7! Admission is FREE!

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