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UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com is managed by Upstate Lighting Enthusiasts. Each show is independently managed, owned, and operated by its individual owners. Upstate Lighting Enthusiasts and UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com make no claim to ownership of any listed display or its content. Each display owner is fully responsible for his/her own display.

The requirements for posting a "Small Classic" display to Upstate SC Christmas Light Shows are as follows:
1) The display must be at/on the exterior of a private residence. (Commercial locations are accepted only after pre-approval from Upstate Lighting Enthusiasts via UpstateSCChristmasLightShows@gmail.com)

2) The display must be FREE to view. If a display is added to this list and we are informed that the owner is charging money for anyone to view his/her display, it will be immediately removed from the list and the address will be banned from the website for a minimum of one year.

When providing UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com with an email address, we will not share it with any other entities. The sole purpose of collecting any email address is for direct line of communication to the end user from UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com.

When providing UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com with a physical address, it will be publicly listed on UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com website. We will not directly send your address to any other website or entity except for maps.google.com for the sole purpose of aiding the end user of UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com to easily enter the physical address into maps.google.com for navigational purposes.

If you are interested in learning more about Upstate Lighting Enthusiast, or if you have an animated or large Christmas light display and you would like to appear on our map and list, please contact us at UpstateSCChristmasLightShows@gmail.com

All information displayed on UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com is sole intellectual property of UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com This includes but is not limited to all Display Names and all Display Address Information. We do not condone the reproduction or plagiarism of any content on UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com.

We are happy to share all of our information with any other website or entity, only after being direct contacted via UpstateSCChristmasLightShows@gmail.com. Only after pre-authorization along with a link back to your content source of UpstateSCChristmasLightShows.com will you be allowed to use/reproduce/copy any information listed on this website.

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